STKASSO Classes (Sticker Picasso)

Create your own unique one of a kind Designs and artistic creations… Skateboards & T-Shirts

Create one of a kind Skateboards T-shirt for Kids & Adults. Design unique Gifts or just create something special that no one else has for you, family and friends.

Bring your own pictures stickers, t-shirt, momentous to create your own design.

Thousands of stickers available to help you create your Skater…

Thousands of T-shirt Heat Transfers for Kids and Adults

Skateboards starting at $45 Complete – New – Deck, Trucks, Wheels, Hardware & Risers

STAKASSO Deluxe Packages Starting at $75

New Clear Grip Tape, Complete – New – Deck, Trucks, Wheels, Hardware & Risers, Giant Sticker pack, Sharpies, pencil case, angled shock absorbing riser pads, 54 mm, 65mm, 69 mm LED Lighted wheels in a plethora of Colors, plus more…

Blank & colored T-Shirts starting at $5 – Thousands of cloth patch iron on transfers.

Several Skateboard styles to choose from: Fish, Cruiser, Mini Street. Alder fish wave artwork

31 x9.5 inch Alder Fish with bottom wave artwork. – $60 Complete

27.5 x 8.25 Cruiser California Republic Logo – $55 Complete

27.5 x 8.25 Cruiser Bottom Sunset Logo – $50 Complete

31 x9.5 inch Fish with bottom Sunset Logo. – $50 Complete

Mini Street (for kids 11 and under) $45 Complete